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Inventory Web Pro, similar to Inventory Droid, except that all your inventory information is stored in an online database (cloud) to be shared and sync with other Inventory Web Pro users in your organization through their Android devices, iPhone devices, and/or Web browsers.
Because of the subscription plans, unlike Inventory Droid, this is not a product for personal use. This product is meant for a small to mid size business with two or more users with need to access company's Inventory.             

Or contact us for a walk through demo or to setup a demo account to evaluate. Or click her for the User Guide.

Note: Current Inventory Droid and Inventory Desk users will be able to "import" their current inventory to Inventory Web Pro version.


Plans and Prices* (prices subject to change)



200 Entries**



Small Business


2000 Entries**



Medium Business


8000 Entries**



Large Business


50000 Entries**



*  All plans include unlimited users and registers/locations per plan.
** Images and Photos are limited to double the size of entries.

Client and Prices* (prices subject to change)

Web Access



Free with a Subscription Plan

Inventory Web Android Pro**



$19.99/one-time per Android Device

Inventory Web iOS Pro***



$19.99/one-time per Apple Device

*    All prices are one-time per device and include free updates.
**  Reflect prices on Google Android Market and Amazon AppStore.
***Reflect price on Apple App Store.


Basic Getting Started (Part 1 of 2)

Basic Getting Started (Part 2 of 2)