Inventory Desk                                                  


Inventory Desk is FREE utility that was created to compliment the Android-based Inventory Droid application.
This utility will allow changes to items in Inventory Droid exported .ida file and those changes can be re-imported back into Inventory Droid for use.

This FREE version it will be limited in feature set but eventually provide more functionality in the future. If you require certain features not currently available, we can customize the application to your requirements, including branding and licensing.

The current release only supports Windows (XP/Vista/7) based host machine. 
NOTE: Although not supported, since Inventory Desk is a JAVA program and JAVA is a cross platform language, there is no reason why it will not work on MAC or Linux OS. Make sure you have Java JRE (Runtime Environment) SE 6 installed.

Download Inventory Desk

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Download Inventory Droid User Guide (Inventory Droid v2.29+ and Inventory Desk v0.0.0.23+)


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