Inventory Desk Scanner       (on Android Market or HERE)

Inventory Desk Scanner is a utility that was created as an add-on to Inventory Desk application. This application will make your Android device act as a direct scanner into Inventory Desk. So you can scan from your phone and directly see the results and online database searches appear on Inventory Desk on your PC.

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Current Features:

- Buffered scans; ie: scan as many barcodes using you phone, then go onto  Inventory Desk and see your items and decide what to do with them.

- Configurable TCP port number.

- The purchase of Inventory Desk Scanner will enable extra features in Inventory Desk.

  These features include:

o       UPC online information searching.

o       Manual UPC entry and searching.

o       Ability to use any 3rd party Barcode Scanners with Inventory Desk

o       Ability to use any 3rd party Inventory Software on PC using IDS Listener application (email us to request this FREE app).


Tutorial and Demo Video: :

Screen Shots: